The Nostalgia Collection

The Nostalgia Collection

Six 4oz candles each with a unique scent based on your childhood memories! These scents will take you back to the simpler days when all we had to worry about was being home before sunset. 

Shirley Temple: the classic kids drink that you ordered specifically for the little sword. 

Fresh Cut Grass: the smell of the summer - being outside all day and coming home smelling like a walking air freshener! 

Banana Loaf: the most classic snack! Grandma always made the best. 

Oven Baked Bread: even if you didn’t grow up with homemade bread, there’s something nostalgic about the way it smells! 

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Cereal - the only breakfast you could make on your own while your parents slept and you binged cartoons! 

Strawberry Pickin’: what was better than sneaking as many strawberries as you could while picking them?